David Cassidy

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David Cassidy

Post by Moshe » Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:45 am

The singer David Cassidy has died at the age of 67, after being admitted to hospital suffering from organ failure.
Cassidy rose to fame as a member of the TV show The Partridge Family and went on to a hugely succesful solo career in the early seventies.
He probably owed his stardom as much to his good looks as to his music, and was the pin up of choice for many young females in the early seventies.
Cassidy found the pressures of being a teen idol too much & deliberately shattered his image by appearing naked in Rolling Stone magazine in 1972 and talking about his use of recreational drugs.
After his days as a teen idol, Cassidy worked succesfully in musical thetrae, but he also fell into alcoholism.
In later years he watched as his mother suffered from Alzeimers, and just a few years later he himself was diagnosed with dementia.

I can't recall a single song David Cassidy recorded, but I recall him being a huge star. At school in the early seventies one of the girls in my class sought my advice as to how she could get to meet her idol! He was a star at the same time as Osmond-mania and I think David Essex was also enjoying success around that time.
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