Bands & Artists Gig List - Please read this FIRST

This is the place for Bands and Artists to advertise their gigs. It is ONLY for the use of the Band or Artists

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Bands & Artists Gig List - Please read this FIRST

Postby JohnC on Fri Dec 07, 2007 1:48 pm

At the suggestion of quite a few members, I have created a seperate sub forum for Country Music Bands and Artists Gig Lists.

We only have ONE stipulation:
1. Only ONE thread per Bands or Artist. This can be updated at any time. If a Band or Artist wishes to update each month then use the reply facility to add each month.

Here is an example for advertising your Country Music Band or Artist.

Make this your FIRST post to introduce your Band or Artist.



We are a 5 piece Country Music / Western Swing band based in Cornwall in the South West of England.
We travel throughout the whole of the UK and play at many of the UK festivals.

Further details, phone: 01234 567890


Then click REPLY and add your monthly gig list. e.g.


Gig list for October 2007:

2nd North Allerton WMC, North Allerton
6th St Aliouios Club, Huyton, Merseyside
8th Truckin L CMC, Bankfield Social Club, Huddersfield Road, Elland, Nr Halifax
9th Royal British Legion, Meadowfield, Durham
12th Billingham Cons Club, Billingham
15th North & South CMC, Haydock Catholic Club, Haydock
16th Fort San Antone, Blackpool (lunchtime)
22nd Brigg Pavilion, Brigg


You can then use the REPLY function each month to advertise your monthly gig list. This will then take you to the top of the list again. If you wish you can list more than ONE month at a time. This will give folks advance notification of your future gig lists.

It may be a good idea to advertise your monthly gig list in the middle of the previous month so that people can plan their nights out in advance.

If there is an alteration to the gig list, you MUST use the EDIT (NOT THE REPLY) facility to change your gig list. The reason for this is that the EDIT facility will not take your post to the top of the list. This is to be fair to EVERYBODY.

If everybody uses the same proceedure I think it should work quite well

Please DO NOT reply to any of these threads to make comments. If you wish to make any comments, please go to the "Artists and Bands" forum. Any replys will be deleted without exception.

<center>THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT</center>

The AUTHOR and the LAST POST MUST be the same unless there has been a change of person being responsible for updating the gig list.
<center>Any other replies will be deleted without exception.</center>

This is the only way the gig list forum will be fair to everybody.
John C
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