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Charity Events

Post by JohnC » Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:26 pm

At the suggestion of Nicky Jo and the agreement of Wildrose I have created a seperate sub forum for Charity Events.

Please post all your charity events here....

We only have ONE stipulation: the WHOLE event MUST be donated to the charity and the charity MUST be named.

Any charity advertised on this forum that does not name the charity WILL BE DELETED, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Here is an example for advertising your charity event. Please note that the charity MUST be named. =====================================================================
Please start a new thread for each charity.
A charity event is to be held at:
My Club, My Town, My County
on the
30th and 31st February 2008

Sat 30th February: A Superb Band, A Superb Duo
Sun 31st February: Another Superb Band, Another Superb Duo

Further details: Tele 01234 567890

All proceeds will go to:
My Favourite Charity.

Please DO NOT reply to any of these threads. If you wish to make any comments, please go to the "Country Clubs and Venues" forum.
Any replys will be deleted without exception.

It would be helpful if submitters put the DATE of the charity in the title.

Please delete the charity AFTER the event as these are not self destructing.

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