mervyn conn festival of country music wembley

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mervyn conn festival of country music wembley

Postby wendy henderson » Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:12 pm

i went last year to the international festival of country music at wembley arena, thought it was absolutely appalling, low attendance and very poorly managed.
i notice it has not been revived again...
never really being a fan of self-publicists, i was interested to read in the Wimbledon Guardian that mervyn conn has been arrested on rape charges

[Source: 1:09pm Friday 1st August 2014 in News Your Local Guardian: Photograph of the Author Exclusive By Louisa Clarence-Smith, Reporter
Your Local Guardian: Mervyn Conn Mervyn Conn

Country music mogul Mervyn Conn has been arrested by police in connection with an alleged rape and sexual assault, the Wimbledon Guardian can reveal.

It is understood the 80-year-old music promoter, who helped launch the career of Nashville legend Johnny Cash, was arrested by police at Gatwick Airport on Monday, July 14.

A woman is believed to have claimed that Mr Conn, who lives in Wimbledon, raped and sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager, between 1975 and 1977.

The woman reported the alleged assaults, in the areas of Wimbledon, Westminster and Wembley, to police earlier this year.

The allegations were initially made to another police force and subsequently received by the Metropolitan Police in March this year.

Mr Conn, who is known for launching the International Festivals of Country Music at Wembley Arena in the 1960s, is believed to have boarded a plane to Italy when officers took him to a police station for questioning.

He was bailed to return to a police station in September.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service's Sexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse Command are investigating the allegations.]

In 1989 Mervyn Conn was convicted of serious sexual assault on his 19 year old receptionist Margaret Malloy, upheld on appeal. Mervyn Conn attacked her just 4 days after she started working for him.

[Source:The Front Page Headline of the Sun Newspaper dated Thursday 7th December 1989 says,

Judge Robin Laurie says of Mervyn Conn, 'Without the victim's consent you embraced her and fondled her genital area'. The judge imposed an eight week prison sentence and 1000 pounds compensation.

The Judge concludes, 'A custodial sentence is the only way this Court can properly deal with the circumstances'.

Mervyn Conn pleaded guilty, admitting indecent assault at London's Southwark Crown Court. Yet he appealed the sentence imposed; that prison was too harsh. The Appeal Court maintained the eight week sentence, but suspended it for two years. This is unambiguous. Guilty, with an eight week suspended sentence and 1000 pounds compensation. After all, he pleaded guilty, and said it was a 'moment of madness'. (Royal Courts of Justice, Friday 12th January 1990. Case Number 89/6677/Z2. File name: CONN/896677Z2. File number 019900112. Before Lord Justice Lloyd, Mr. Justice Tudor Evans and Mr Justice Owen. Regina v. Mervyn Harold Conn)

Yet when we read Mervyn Conn's book Mr Music Man, he says on Page 179 last paragraph,
'...I needed support after an employee made false allegations about me, which ended up all over the front pages of the papers'.

Mervin Conn continues, 'I was up for a knighthood and all that disappeared because mud sticks, even if you have been found innocent by the Courts. Tainted by this false accusation I found I was out of the Hurlingham Club'.

Let us make no mistake, despite what Mervin Conn writes in his book, the Sun correctly states 'his lawyers appealed the jail sentence'.

an article from the telegraph (thursday 7th december 1989) again shows mervyn conn's previous conviction for serious sexual assault.

only the sentence was appealed, not the conviction (sentence appeal date friday 12th january 1990) (Case reference CONN/89/6677/Z2)

column two of the article states 'he denied another three indecent assaults on miss malloy and a fourth on another woman. These were left on file'.

i only mention this to put the record straight because mervyn conn tells everyone he was clearer on appeal (his book 'Mr Music Man
which is currently on sale where even now he shows no remorse for his actions [at p179 '...mud sticks, even if you have been found innocent by the courts].
and [...even though I won the case on appeal..]
wendy henderson

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Re: mervyn conn festival of country music wembley

Postby foot-tapper » Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:58 am

You posted something of this nature about the same guy 10 days ago.
Has he been charged yet?
If not I think you first post was sufficient.
I am in no way condoning rape or sexual assault, but recently there have been many high profile cases where people have been named and then found not guilty.
Let the courts deal with it and then have you day if and when he is found guilty.
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