Copper Kettle 2013

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Copper Kettle 2013

Postby » Fri May 17, 2013 3:43 pm

Not seen any mention of this years Copper Kettle in the forum? Whos going??

I've just ordered a weekend camping ticket as I think Roger and Malc events are always friendly and first class and Im particularly looking forward to seeing John Taylors band.

My only reservation is the bloody weather again.

Problem with being in my tent is that it is hard to get dry if you get soaked. I got so fed up with the weather in previous years that I didnt go to any country music festivals last year. The previous year at Broken Spoke the rain was so bad that on the Saturday I ending up huddling in my sleeping bag listening to the bands from my tent rather than get soaked (again) walking through mud to the Marquee.

The long range forecast for next week end shows high possibilty of rain 40- 60% in Pickering , So I guess Ill try to camp as close to the hall as possible. Last time I went to an event there , there was excellent real ale in the hall - so I hope that may happen again. The one criticim I do have of Rog and Malc events have been the choice of the beer on offer. I 'm a real ale fan.

But fair play the prices have always been very very very good - Working man's Club level , but I would be happy to pay a bit more for better beer as I cant cope with keg beer like Tetley and John Smiths and a nice pint goes down a treat. There's plently of great Yorkshire bottled beer available now eg Kelham Islands Pale Rider and Black Sheep of course. I'd get through a case myself over the weekend so I dont think that stocking it is a risk - so get in the good stuff in please.


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Re: Copper Kettle 2013

Postby Palerider » Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:08 pm

Hi Mike, At Rock Ridge this year we are having 6 quality cask ales, all from a local independent brewer. they will be selling for £2.20 - £2.30 per pint. There's also std keg beer/lager/cider, but I too miss the cask ales at events so thought it was about time real ales also served. Still places left if you want to book, great lineup and very friendly crowd. Check out the website for full details PS spent the Saturday at Copper Kettle and had a great day. Weather was great Sat & Sun so lets hope end of July is more of the same. Cheers Kev

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