A tribute to Strumpshaw Country Music Festival

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A tribute to Strumpshaw Country Music Festival

Postby strumpshaw93 » Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:33 am

Hello everyone,

I am in the process of planning a website which commemorates the Strumpshaw Country Music Festival which took place in Norfolk and ran until about 2009 I believe.
I visited the festival as a teenager in 1993 with my best friend at the time and his parents and it remains one of my all time fondest memories.
In particular I remember Raymond Froggatt's performance which got all my friends so emotional (in a happy way). I was in happy tears for the first and only time in my life!

I also enjoyed the music of the groups West Virginia (even if we could only remember the lyrics to one song "Blue Rendezvous") and Lemon Grass (I learned to play the fingerpicking chords to "Truck Off The Road").

If anyone here has any particular memories at all from their time at Strumpshaw please let's hear about them so I can include them in quotes on my tribute website (your quote can remain anonymous if you like, or I'll just use your first names).
I've tried contacting the group "Texas Gun" who organised Strumpshaw originally but noone seems to have any up to date contact details for them. If anyone does know how I may contact them please can you private message me? That will be great!

Hope to hear from anyone with Strumpshaw memories - please be as detailed as you can,
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